A Client Guide

The Universe of Financial Advice, Planning, and Wealth Management begins with you, the client. Our fiduciary duty, strategic tax planning, and risk management considerations extend to four primary areas of your financial world: Business Planning, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning.

The 5 C's of the Wealth Universe



Our clients receive clarity about their financial lives, resources, goals and objectives so that they can make informed decisions about their financial future.

Creative Solutions

Our clients receive customized and creative solutions that take into account all of their individual goals and objectives.


Our clients have other professionals they work with and our job is to collaborate with those professionals to avoid gaps in our clients’ planning and wealth management. We help fit the pieces of their financial puzzle together for the best outcome.


Our clients look to REDW Wealth to ensure that what’s important to them gets accomplished.

Course Correction

The future is uncertain and even the best plans require adjustments to meet changing circumstances.

The 5 C's of the Wealth Universe

1. Clarity
2. Creative Solutions
3. Coordination
4. Catalyst
5. Course Correction

Business Planning

Includes employer-sponsored plans, executive compensation, employee benefits, succession planning.

Investment Planning

Includes basic investments, personal needs planning, specific needs planning, alternative investments, asset allocation.

Retirement Planning

Including individual retirement plans, retirement income planning, supplemental benefits, distribution planning.

Estate Planning

Including basic estate planning, advanced estate planning, charitable planning, minimize transfer tax.

Now Discover a Plan Built for You

Partnering with REDW Wealth helps you chart your financial course with confidence whether you’re:
Seeking an investment plan to build a portfolio of assets
An estate plan to preserve assets and minimize taxes
An income strategy that develops a tax-optimized stream of income in retirement
REDW Wealth professionals and The Universe of Financial Advice, Planning, and Wealth Management Guide are here to help you achieve your goals.

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