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Estate planning encompasses the design of how your property will be managed during life and the distribution of that property at death.

Its ultimate goal is to create the most efficient and private transfer of your property to heirs at minimal cost.

REDW Wealth is not a law firm, and we do not offer legal advice. We can, however, assist you in making decisions as you create and modify your estate plan over time. From estate planning design to active estate administration, our financial experts can help you deal with inheritance(s), estate administration problems, and the filing of estate and trust income tax returns.

The four major areas to focus on in your Wealth Management process include essential planning for the transfer of wealth, advanced estate planning concepts, minimizing transfer taxes, and charitable planning.

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Explore the four areas of Estate Planning…

Basic Estate Planning

Over the past several decades, the estate tax has been eliminated for most individuals and families. As that has happened, emphasis has shifted from the more sophisticated and exotic methods of transferring assets to more basic tools for estate planning. Additionally, much of the planning that was focused on reducing or eliminating estate taxes has shifted to minimizing capital gains and income taxes. At REDW Wealth, our advisors will work with you to discuss how to design plans for you, and your family.
• Wills/TOD/POD
• Beneficiary Planning
• Health Care Directive
• Revocable Trusts
• Durable Power
• Special Needs
• Equalization
• 2nd Marriage

Advanced Estate Planning

Even though estate taxes have been eliminated for most, where they remain, these taxes can devastate the work of a lifetime. Frequently, the estate tax comes into play because a business has been very successful. However, the success that builds the net worth of the owner can also threaten the employment of hundreds, or thousands of individuals because of the burden of transfer taxes. Our trusted advisors maintain expertise in advanced planning ideas for cases like these and will professionally advise on the viability of various planning alternatives.
• Dynasty Trust
• Discount Gifting
• GST Planning

Minimize Transfer Tax

In many cases, Congress has helped minimize the transfer for millions of individuals and families across the country. Consequently, you may find that a parent or grandparent is looking for ways to unwind trusts or life insurance policies that are no longer needed in today’s circumstances. REDW Wealth advisors can help you navigate the choices and tax ramifications of exit planning for estate plans that are no longer required or tax efficient.
• Charitable Trusts
• Lifetime Gift
• Estate Freeze
• IRA Ben. Planning
• Credit Shelter
• Annual Gifting

Charitable Planning

Charitable giving can be motivated by personal desires with the added benefit of tax incentives. However, over the years, we have seen many presentations to donors that focus on tax incentives, rather than your goals, or your relationship to a given charitable cause. In these cases, REDW Wealth can provide consultation for your goals and guide you to the most tax-efficient methods of gifting.
• Donor Adv Fund
• Private Foundation
• Direct Gifts
• Gift Annuity

Optimizing Your Tax Strategies

With the Universe of Financial Advice, Planning, and Wealth Management our wealth managers use Strategic Income Tax Planning as one of the three lenses through which we evaluate financial and investment decisions.

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Managing Your Risk Intelligently

While each individual is the ultimate decider of the financial decisions you face we’ll help you to confidently and intelligently make those decisions using facts and evaluating real alternatives with Risk Management Planning.

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The ultimate goal in Estate Planning is to create the most efficient transfer of your property to your heirs at minimal cost and with complete privacy.

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