Investment Planning

In Investment Planning, we implement a strategic tax plan with risk management considerations in five primary areas.

Basic Investments

• Stocks
• Mutual Funds
• Govt. Notes Bonds
• Annuities
• Corporate Bonds

Personal Needs Planning

• Budgeting
• Cash Flow
• Education
• Emergency Fund
• Mortgage Payoff
• Long Term care
• Income Taxes
• Insurance

Specific Needs Planning

• Specific Asset Purchase
• Stock Option Strategies
• Margin Strategies
• Large Equity Positions
• 1031 /1035 Exchanges
• Special Needs Planning
• NQ EE Benefits & Distributions
• Investing For Gifting

Alternative Investments

• Hedge Funds
• IRS Approved Tax Shelters
• Managed Futures
• Private Equity
• Oil & Gas
• Real Estate
• Commodities

Asset Allocation

• Evaluate Risk Tolerance
• Monte Carlo Analysis
• Investment Policy Stmt.
• Tax Efficiency
• Portfolio Optimization
• Rebalancing

Investment Risk Management Considerations

Investment Planning includes considerations in Risk Management that address portfolio risk, tax risk, inflation risk, sequence of returns risk, liquidity risk, reinvestment risk, longevity risk, and interest rate risk.

Investment Strategic Tax Planning

Your Investment Plan is designed to preserve assets and minimize taxes with a Strategic Tax Plan for tax harvesting, tax free income, qualified dividends, income taxes, marginal tax rates, capital gains taxes, tax preference items, and sprinkling.

Fiduciary Duty

REDW Wealth’s Fiduciary Duty to our clients is a consultant with limited yet, comprehensive engagement.

We Offer Creative Solutions

We stay up-to-date with the latest developments, combined with a careful long-term strategy. Many of our clients have complex financial lives. We make sure the many pieces of their financial puzzle fit together in an effective plan. Our advisors can work with a client’s outside professionals as needed, to assure peace of mind and confidence about the future.

How can we help?

Whether you are just starting to think about an investment plan or looking for consulting while organizing your financial affairs, we can tailor a strategy that will help you feel confident and in control.

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