Retirement Planning

In Retirement Planning, we implement a strategic tax plan with risk management considerations in four primary areas.

Individual Retirement Plans

• Roth IRA
• Spousal IRA
• Solo 401 (k)
• Simple / SEP

Retirement Income Planning

• Self Employment
• Pass Through
• Tax Free
• Rent
• Royalties
• Pension
• Portfolio Income

Supplemental Benefits

• Social Security
• Asset Sale
• Inheritance

Distribution Planning

• Beneficiary Planning
• RMD Projections
• Post Death Planning
• Pre 59 1/2 withdrawals
• Social Security claims
• Cash Flow Needs
• Inherited IRA

Retirement Risk Management Considerations

Retirement Planning includes considerations in Risk Management that address living too long, incapacity, long term care, special needs, family income, caring for parents, portfolio risk, and marginal tax rates.

Retirement Strategic Tax Planning

Your Retirement Plan is designed to preserve assets and minimize taxes with a Strategic Tax Plan for tax harvesting, tax penalties, generation skipping taxes, income taxes, marginal tax rates, capital gains, taxes, penalty taxes, and sprinkling.

Fiduciary Duty

REDW Wealth’s Fiduciary Duty to our clients is a consultant with limited yet, comprehensive engagement.

We Are Fee-Only Advisors

The only revenue we receive is paid by the individuals and institutions that hire us. We do not earn or accept commissions, rebates, 12(b)-1 fees (unless rebated back to a retirement plan), referral fees, or other remuneration either direct or indirect based upon our recommendations. We accept no product provider incentives.

How can we help?

Retirement planning involves evaluating your current financial situation and applying the proper accumulation or distribution strategy to fit your ultimate needs.

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